Open Actions

Open Actions enhance the user experience by allowing Lens applications to execute external onchain actions directly on Lens Publications. These actions are defined by smart contracts that can interact with the broader EVM ecosystem, and even go cross-chain when aided by an oracles.

Open Actions can leverage a Referral System to build reward schemes for the users involved in the action.

Here are other examples of Open Actions that can be developed:

  • Collecting the publication.

  • Minting a NFT through a publication that announces or recommends it.

  • Buying an NFT from a publication that is communicating that it is on sale.

  • Facilitate the purchase of ETH direcly from a publication.

  • Voting on a publication's poll.

  • Join a publication's onchain raffle.

In any of these scenarios, the referral system can be creatively leveraged to maximize benefits for the users involved.