Collect Action Modules

Learn how to discover supported Collect Action Modules.

You can explore the Collect Action Modules available in the Lens Protocol. This includes both Collect Action Modules and Legacy Collect Modules.

You can use the client.modules.supportedOpenActionCollectModules method to list all the supported Collect Action Modules.

import { LensClient, development } from '@lens-protocol/client';
const client = new LensClient({  environment: development,});
const page = await client.modules.supportedOpenActionCollectModules({  includeUnknown: true,  onlyVerified: true});

The method returns a PaginatedResult<T> where T is KnownSupportedModuleFragment or UnknownSupportedModuleFragment>. For more information on pagination, refer to this guide.

Once you have the module address, you can obtain more information about it through its Module Metadata, if available.