Not Interested

Learn how to flag a publication as 'Not Interested'.

The 'Not Interested' feature allows a Profile to flag a publication as not of interest. This information is then picked up by the Lens API ML models to improve the Profile's feeds.

The list of flagged publications is stored off-chain, they are instant to flag and do not require signatures or gas to use.

You must be authenticated with a Profile to use this feature. See Profile Login for more information.

Flag as 'Not Interested'

You can flag a publication as 'Not Interested' using the Lens SDKs or the API. If you change your mind later, you can easily remove this flag.

The useNotInterestedToggle hook allows you to mark a publication as 'Not Interested'. If the publication is already marked, using this hook will remove the mark.

Available in @lens-protocol/react-web and @lens-protocol/react-native

import { AnyPublication, useNotInterestedToggle } from '@lens-protocol/react-web';
function Publication({ publication }: { publication: AnyPublication }) {  const { execute, loading } = useNotInterestedToggle();
  const toggle = async () => {    await execute({ publication })  };
  return (    <button onClick={toggle} disabled={loading}>      {publication.operations.isNotInterested ? 'Not interested' : 'Interested'}    </button>  );}

That's it—you've successfully flagged a publication as 'Not Interested'.

Not Interested Status

To determine if a publication has been flagged as 'Not Interested' by the logged-in profile, use the publication.operations.isNotInterested property.

const post = publication as Post;
console.log(post.operations.isNotInterested); // true or false