Protocol Fees

Learn about Lens Protocol fees.

The Lens Protocol is currently operating under an experimental fee structure. The goal of this experimentation is to identify a sustainable model for covering protocol costs and rewarding creators on the platform.

These fees represent an initial framework and subject to iteration, shaped by insights from the LIPs and Lens community, serving as the foundational stage for the optimal fee and reward structure. See LIP-16 for the latest fee structure proposal.

The Lens Protocol charges fees as described in the following table.

Fee TypeAmountNotes
New Profile8 MATICThis fee is charged during the onboarding process.
Collect5% of the collect priceThis fee is deducted from the collect fees before any referral (e.g., via mirror) reward is computed
Follow5% of the follow feeThis fee applies only to profiles that charge a follow fee
Profile and Handle Royalties5% on any marketplace sale of Profile and Handle NFTsAdherence to this royalty scheme is subject to the specific marketplace policies

Fees are deducted in the same currency as the original transaction. For instance, if a collect is priced at 1 WMATIC, the fee would be 0.05 WMATIC. Similarly, if a collect is priced at 1 USDC, the fee would be 0.05 USDC.

Given the experimental nature of the fee structure, these fees are subject to change. The Lens Protocol team is committed to maintaining transparency and will provide advance notice of any changes to the fee structure.

All fees are directed to a multi-signature wallet managed by the Lens Protocol team.