Going Live

Use this checklist as a guide to prepare your Lens integration for launch.



Ensure your production environment is correctly configured.

If you're using one of the SDKs, ensure the production config is used in your production deployments. For instance:

import { LensConfig, production } from "@lens-protocol/react-web";
const lensConfig: LensConfig = {  environment: production,
  // ...};

Ensure that any direct API and smart contract integrations use the Mainnet API URI(s) and Mainnet contract addresses.


Custom Modules

If you've developed a custom module, whether it's an Open Action, Follow, or Reference module, ensure the following:

  • The Module's metadata has been uploaded to a public URI.

  • The smart contract is deployed to Mainnet and references the correct metadata URI.

  • Optionally, you've submitted the module for verification to the Lens team.

  • Optionally, you've registered the module to notify the Lens ecosystem of its existence before its first use.


Stay Up to Date

If you haven't already, join the Lens Developer Garden Telegram group to stay updated with relevant announcements for app maintainers.

That's it—you're ready to go live.