Publications in Lens Protocol encapsulate the content generated the users. They are categorized into four main types:

  • Posts: These are the fundamental publication type.

  • Mirrors: These allow for the re-publication of a publication, thereby amplifying its reach.

  • Comments: These provide a means to express opinions and feedback on a Post or a Quote.

  • Quotes: These are publications that reference another Post or Comment.

Publications are linked to the user's Profile NFTs, ensuring that the user retains ownership of the content.

The content of a publication, including text, image and videos URLs, and more, is stored in a separate metadata object that is connected to the publication via its public URI. This content can be hosted on decentralized storage solutions, like Arweave, or on traditional web storage services like AWS S3.

Each publication can leverage two modules: the Open Action Module and the Reference Module. The Open Action Module determines how others can interact with your publication, while the Reference Module manages how the publication is referenced, controlling who can quote, comment on, or mirror it.